Welcome! Thank you for coming to this page!Edit

Now, here are the rules.Edit

  • ===Do not harass any member of this wiki===
  • ===No spamming or writing comments that are inappropriate and/or offensive===
  • ===No trolls of ANY kind!===
  • ===Do not copy things that belong to their original author===
  • ===Do not make multiple accounts and character swap===
  • ===Do not ask members of this community for personal info such as passwords, Emails, etc===
  • ===Do not use swear or vulgar words===
  • ===Refrain from advertising external or off-topic links or sites. This includes soliciting any unauthorized material===

Breaking any of these rules may result in a ban upon the severity and consent of the staff.

If you see someone breaking the rules, please feel free to message a dragon in the staff.Edit

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