(GOAL: 20 chapters, 5 pages each chapter. Thus having at least 100 pages within the book)

Chapter 1: Description of Zazara's and Peril's 'death'

Chapter 2: Zazara loses all of her memory, and stumbles upon a wolf, Thunder, who recognizes her immediately, and tries to kill her. In the end, he feels that this cant be the right person, and if he were to ill her, it wouldn't do him any good.

Chapter 3: Zazara and Thunder begin traveling to the land ruler to fix their problems. The land ruler is also known as Runes, man of fire

Chapter 4: Although still cautious, Thunder begins to get used to Zazara, and fall in love with her. Only to be remembering his other mate, Sasha, in which he is convinced she's dead. This chapter describes Thunder's point of view.

Chapter 5: Zazara and Thunder happen to run into Sasha, now having a complete different view of what's going on, and even jealous. Sasha assumes Thunder betrayed everyone, and is now going with Zazara to kill runes. They end up battling.

Chapter 6: The three settle their fight when Sasha runs away.

Chapter 7: Thunder and Zazara finally take shelter in a cave, due to it snowing. They happen to find that there was residence before, and even a fire. They think it was Sasha, but there could be no way she can cast a fire, since she never knew magic. They also find some other suspicions in the cave, and Thunder convinces Zazara to blow fire. This is the first scene where Thunder realizes she has pyrophobia.

Chapter 8: Zazara wakes to see Thunder, and Sasha arguing at each other. It seems that Sasha has come back, and now has an amulet.

Chapter 9: Sasha shows off with the amulet, and Zazara's a little irritated. Thunder is not noticing too well, nor quickly.

Chapter 10: The three continue traveling, and they come a cross a town. The wizard. Tries to kill Zazara. She ends up being knocked out and sleeping about Runes.

Chapter 11: Zazara wakes to the wizard decapitated, and Thunder and Sasha(luckily) in another room. Though this makes Thunder suspicious, and regret his trip with Zazara. Zazara has no idea what happened, or why the wizard was killed in a brutal way while she was sleeping.

Chapter 12:

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